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The Department of Environmental Protection gives notice of its preparation of a draft pe1mit to Graham Farms, Babb Toms, PO Box 1108, Moore Haven, Florida33471 for The Graham Farms. This permit authorizes the permittee to operate a concentrated animal feeding operation for a dairy. The facility is authorized to discharge manure, litter, process wastewater and runoff from the production areas, and direct precipitation on the waste storage pond to the Highway 27 drainage system and then to the C-19 Canal (WBID #3237E) during a storm greater than the 25- year, 24-hour storm event. The facility serves a herd of 2,730 mature, lactating cows, 140 dry cows and 40 calves. The facility land applies manure, litter and process wastewater to a sprayfield system, cropland and hay fields at the farm. The facility is centered at latitude 26° 51’ 00” N, longitude 81 ° 09’ 30”W on US Highway 27, no1th of Moore Haven in Glades County, FL. The Department has assigned permit file number FLA284629-007-IW4A to the project.

The permit application file and supporting data are available for public inspection at!search or during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, at the Department’s South District Office, 2295 Victoria Ave, Suite 364, Ft. Myers, Florida 33901-3875, at phone number (239) 344-5600.


The Department intends to issue the permit unless as a result of public comment appropriate changes are made.

Written Comments or Request for Public Meeting
Any interested person may submit written comments on the Department’s proposed permitting decision or may submit a written request for a public meeting to the Department of Environment Protection, 2295 Victoria Ave, Suite 364, Ft. Myers, Florida 33901-3875, in accordance with Rule 62-620.555, F.A.C. The comments or request for a public meeting must contain the
information set forth below and must be received in the Department’s South District Office.

The comments or request for a public meeting must contain the following information:
(a) The commenter’s name, address, and telephone number; the applicant’s name and address; the Deprutment permit file number; and the cotmty in which the project is
(b) A statement of how and when notice of the Department’s action or proposed action was received;
(c) A statement of the facts the Department should consider in making the final decision;
(d) A statement of which rules or statutes require reversal or modification of the Department’s action or proposed action; and
(e) If desired, a request that a public meeting be scheduled, including a statement of the nature of the issues proposed to be raised at the meeting.

If a public meeting is held, any person may submit oral or written statements and data at the public meeting on the Department’s proposed action. As a result of significant public comment, the Depaiiment’s final action may be different from the position taken by it in this draft permit.

Time Period for Submitting Written Comments or Requesting a Public Meeting
Comments submitted by any persons other than the applicant, and other than those entitled to notice under Rule 62-620.550, F.A.C., must be received within 30 days of publication of the public notice. Failure to submit comments or request a publk meeting within this time period shall constitute a waiver of any right such person may have to submit comments or request a public meeting under Rule 62-620.555, F.A.C.

If a public meeting is scheduled, the public comment period is extended until the close of the public meeting. However, the Department may not always grant a request for a public meeting. Therefore, written comments should be submitted within 30 days of publication of this notice, even if a public meeting is requested.

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